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  1. shankar/oxford uk says:

    hi rajesh g,
    i am really impressed by this cartoon!
    Based on Gurkhalis’ reality.
    I hope the same from you in the future!
    best wishes

  2. Ramesh Regmi, Illinois, USA says:

    Wow!!! Fantastic one…..

    Rajesh dai; keep it up

  3. N_Baidya/Kathmandu says:

    Well Said, explains the reality that Gurkhas are contributing to the economy of the UK

  4. anonumouse says:

    ironic, satirical…………amazing………..ur creativity rocks..

  5. सोभित says:

    वास्तविकताको सहि वर्णन गर्नु भएछ।

    किन भनेका रहेछन् भनेको त बल्ल बुझें।

  6. L.Manoj/Chiang Mai says:

    Yo rocked it man ! Tyo testai chha tiniharu !!

  7. kelsang lama[tamang] says:

    it has just been cartoonist with the sense of politically and corrupt as well even though it has to be in the real life for the well being of whole Nepali beings

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