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  1. sujan/ktm says:

    Magnificient,”gajab cha ba” was really gajab. Hamra neta ko intension&sochai ko exact namuna

  2. suresh australia says:

    Hi Rajesh ji very good cartoon. It is truth and real saying by the leader if party kick out them (due to their character). Very good. Thanks

  3. सोभित says:

    राम्रो अति राम्रो।

    मज्जाले दनक दिनु भएछ। रमाइलो लाग्यो।

  4. Dorendra, Akron, OH, USA says:

    You have an excellent mind.
    All the currupted politicians and kicked out politicians act like this.
    They should be jailed before couple of years but unfortunately we are
    Nepali so we have everything beside a desciplined beaurocrates and strong leadership system which can lead the nation and keep it in good operation.
    We expect all of the currupted leaders will open a new party and get-out from any ruling/main parties.
    Any way, your imagination always works to motivate to log-in Kantipuronline at once a day
    Dorendra Adhikari
    Akron, OH, USA

  5. kamal says:

    kya maja aayo dai ramro sanga dhulai garnu bha raicha

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