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  1. Sudarshan/ Saitama says:

    This is a realistic how the Koirala familys have ruled over the Nepal and looted much of the government Property from Dhamija Kanda to Lauda etc.
    Great cartoons. Thumbs up Rajesh dai. Expose much more through your cartoons.

  2. Neeraj/Finland says:

    After giving license to sell nepal, u are still giving ticket of lufthansa to enjoy in germany?

  3. Ramesh Regmi, Illinois, USA says:

    I feel so sorry and embarassed that why Nepalese people are still ready to be governed by such a group of looters who will never hesitate to sell Nepal. Why there wouldn’t be a movement that can assure of good people in the cabinet. This old man at the age of 87 with no vision and courage is still ruling our country and we are clapping our hands in a pain. And nobody is pointing their finger up even after he appointed a German citizen as shadow PM. What the hell is happening there?

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