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  1. trilok says:

    ha ha ha

  2. prahlad kc, frankfurt germany says:

    i think i have really good sense of humor but everytime i come across ur cartoons , u make me ponder …….heheh jokes apart……yet another teasy masterpiece …grt job dai keep up the good work…

  3. raj says:

    Instead of hading over to India,we could file the case against him in Nepal.
    It seems Nepali police and Nepal’s politician are still under pressure of India.Will they give many nepali who are under their jail?

  4. Bandana/Sydney says:

    Great job Rajeshji, keep us entertaining……….

  5. name/norfolk says:

    cool !!!

    check ur kidneys 2 !!!


    liked that

  6. invisible, UK says:

    I must have read this over ten times and still makes me chuckle. the expression on the doctor’s face is priceless!!

  7. Shikshya/ USA says:

    U r really have an incredible mind, rajesh da.
    Kidney is not a small thing.

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