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  1. Ishwar/London says:

    Gread Job!!!
    some time I wonder how could crezy YCL stuff still so powerfull where every force is against it. Why do not Rajesh you do something like this everyday so that whole kathmandu wake up to thrash these *** bugger?


  2. sanu/sydney says:

    Very true. They think all Nepali are foolish to believe their “voluntry donation” crap talk.

  3. Nimesh Tandukar, Bangkok says:

    Dear Rajesh Dai, You are doing great job. It is real things happening in Nepal. YCL misuse their power, position and make foolish entire Nepalese. Maoist Party only for communist people not for entire Nepalese. They can not work on the welware of entire Nepalese but they do their welfare and benefit only which you (cartoon) express reality here that’s why they are going to limit in certain part of Nepal and most of ethnics people are becoming against them. They will lose in CA Poll definetly, that’s why they are collecting money and property of local people.

  4. N_Baidya/Kathmandu says:

    Well Said, this is the real story, everybody should accept this reality and the concerned are requested to take action against such acts before the situation becomes worst….

  5. Rashmi Ranjit / Lalitpur says:

    Dear Rajesh Jee,

    I like ur writing structure and the cartoons. It really helps us to laugh and to think about the running condition of our country. U have contributed a lots of story in ur cartoons but still our government and the people are not aware of it. I am really very upset that they just laugh but dont understand the deepth of ur story. I really thank u very much and wish u best of luck in ur work.

  6. Vj, Sydney says:

    This is a masterpiece of cartoons. Great Job , How foolish Goverment is, they cannot even control anything. What will happen to Nepal when New Nepalko Rastrapati is looting people, What will they do when they have power. YCL is replica of Hitler’s SS group. I am sure they will win this election and after that, I don’t know, how many they’ll kill.

  7. L.Manoj/ Chiang Mai says:

    MastaRaamharu ko Masti Mathi Rajeshko Cartoon ko Raaj Ramro chha.

  8. Tsering/Texas says:

    Thnx Rajesh…your cartoons certainly depict a clear idea of the troubles faced in our governement and the nepalese society. Surely we all laugh away the truth looking at them, but I say we can’t blame others for doing the same. I don’t think I like the words “they don’t do, or they don’t understand”… I mean all of us understand surely not the cream of it all..but do have slight ideas of the situations…Even as we stay abroad.. we have friends and family who constantly cry out their frustrations to us and their friends….
    I say it is sad that we choose not to say or do anything, but rather wait for someone to say or do whatever.
    This is what the real situation of our people, is..
    As we’re growing up, we;re told that the government is coruupt, we teach our children or atleast scare them away from the concepts of politics, government/politics is a subject taught only in courses after high school (after +2), engineers, doctors, businesspeople are the limited professions that we as parents see fit for our children…this is the situation of our people.. We have failed in educating the youth about governement and politics… failed in giving education at all,… in some places… we’ve dug our own pit of the nations downfall and yet all we do is discuss, complain and wait for “someone” to do smthing!!!! WAIT……..

  9. Nepal says:

    आदरणीय माओले भन्नु भएको थियो- जनाताको एउटा सियो सम्म बलजफफ्ती नलिनु । तर हाम्रा माओहरु त जनता घरमा नै आगो लगाउछन।

  10. Susma, Kathmandu says:

    thts the real truth .. yo mao haru jungle bata ktm aaye dekhi .. it has become a real trouble for we pple even to breathe … all the time these ycl pple are found busy in troubling the general pple … they always hv time for bhitte lekhan , agitation and many mores .. ever wondered wat they do for living? where does the money come from??? prachanda lai president banau hai bhandai kati banner haru jata taatai cha .. teti dherai expense kasari garchan unnecessarily, if they ever do genearl welfare work .. they dont need to advertise .. janta le nirnaya gari halcha ne ..

    today went through interview of prachanda in kantipur online .. baaff ree .. kasto over confident manche raicha .. we ppple are fed up from their actions and he is still saying they will win the election .. i think he never goes through your cartoons and our comments .. pls rajesh dai euta powerpoint presentation for your cartoons alongwith our comments prachanda .. aru neta haru and ycl lai forward garum na hai … 🙂

  11. ashes patan says:

    wow… great job rajesh dai… gajab cha ba

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