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  1. Kaushal, Italy says:

    Sometime I think government and we are playing a game of hide and seek. How a government decide to increase or decrease the prices without thinking the consequences of the action? And I feel very pity about those demonstrator who are on the street to protest for the price increase. They are like someone’s rented tattoos. I believe most of the protesters from the colleges and schools even don’t have any vehicle and they are not aware of the fact why the price has been increased. Majority of protesters are on the street just to cause the properties damage, enjoy the bands, show power and nothing more. While you wait whole day in the long line of petrol to fill up 4 liters of it after searching for it everywhere, you think it’s better to buy expensive but easily. If oil price is increasing in the world market, how a country, which doesn’t have a drop of own oil production, can keep the price steady.
    There should have been protest for giving 10 lakhs to MPs for nothing rather than for increasing the oil price.
    God knows, when our people will start thinking and analyzing the situation in the right direction.

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