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  1. Suman Sapkota, North Carolina, USA says:

    Good one, i am glad u’ve gotta guts to hightlight the fraudulent kicked hard to the ass of our so called revolutionist. I know we all dummy nepalez wud think what a cartoon good job but no one dare think that we are responsible for the freedom we have let these ghusya netaji’s, who shamelessly hang mananiya without public mandate and stick to the parliament. I know u all guys know why kangresh and so called kamunist dont speak publicly in those issues coz they can chew the whole lauda, pajero, nepal airways, noc, and drink melamchi in one shot …………… no wonder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But do u guys know why the Maoist who are quite in these issue, coz they are getting a good chunk preecooked boneless breast to pay off their duessss for their liberation army which government had offered after the share is listed in the stock exchange, dunt u guyssss agree that these Big ‘B’ is even worst then our gyanen ji, i feel good to put ji infornt of gyanen coz least he recognize these parsites who are even worse then him and called them asakchammm and sacked them from power. But dont get me wrong by saying i m in favor of gyanendra, he didn’t spare basic fundamental rights toi us, but do u think u got em all now………………noooopssssssssssss atleast he set a date for municipal election and did it this crapsssssssssss are doing nothing ………….simply nothing to restore …………so common rajesh ji remind nepalese people that they are dummies and they have to act now or its gonna b too late

    I am with u and i know all of my fren on this forum will b with u…..lets take the responsibility of making new nepal on our own, not what prachanda’s package nor india’s ………….we were a sovereign country and will remain so no matter what coz at last the ultimate power comes from the people.

    thanks for taking ur time to read what i’ve got in my little brain

  2. purna/kath,nepal says:

    that’s great cartoon (satire)…but if it is in nepali word like “sher” means lion…it will be much meaning full. anyway its great job

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