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  1. lalit /siraha says:

    only in tha matter of money when equally distributed amoung the parliamentarians, all the parties’ parliamentarians have same supportive voice.
    otherwise evertime they fight like childrens?

    again nice job rajesh jee

    keep it up

    anyway now a days there are many jocks about the politics of nepal, like a hindi or bhojpuri movies.

  2. Kabi. Shrestha says:

    Rajesh Jee!

    Sarai ramro lagyo. लास्ट लाइन chahi ajha ramro lagyo.

    गुड वर्क. कीप इट अप

  3. megh/boston says:

    excellent ‘live’ portrait! reminds me of rat fight for food in the movie – Ratatouille. Also brings flashback of the famous ‘MAHA’ play – ‘ansha-banda’: “where where go water, there there go fish – where where go fish, there there goes dis”. The saddest part in nepali politics is no one literally cares of the people and the country – either Terai groups or age-old politicians or the khaobadis, all try to suck the same blood; fighting only to find “from which part of the body”.

  4. Ishwor/chicago says:

    Very true reflection of the intention of the political leaders.

  5. purna/kuwait says:

    dear rajesh ji
    thanks a lot for real mirror image of SANSAD MAHANUVABH.
    i like your word compose as well as cartoon…
    thx again
    good work…keep it up

  6. Ramesh/Omaha says:

    Absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well said
    they are note elected, they are not parliamentarian’s they are looter’s

  7. sanu/sydney says:

    you have summed it up quite nicely loot of these unrepresentative, unelected bunch of Nepalese blood suckers who have taken the country to a new low.

  8. Kaushal, Italy says:

    Very natural picture of these blood suckers politicians of Nepal. Amazingly we are all looking on all these misuse of our tax money like bystander. While country is struggling through such a political and economic turmoil, how a sensitive Nepali can see such a ridiculous expenses? Everyone knows not a penny from these money will be allocated for the development process. And most importantly, if they are not elected MPs how they can be provided by such a big fund for the local development? while they themself don’t know to which place they represent. Of course it’s a good cartoon which make you laugh, but it make you very sad when you think about our future in the hand of these evils. God bless our country and people!

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