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  1. L.Manoj says:

    Exact Shot !!

  2. lalit /siraha says:

    the generational politics ,
    similar to india, the gandhi family and in nepal koirala family

    nice job rajesh jee, thankx again
    hopefully GPK is highly inspired by new delhi

  3. Prasoon/ Janakpur says:

    It is really disappointing to see that Nepali congress(NC) is moving on the foot prints of Indian congress, in terms of transfer of authority. I don’t think sujata didi has got any qualities to lead NC except her surname “koirala”. This only shows that koiralas have put their personal benifits much above that of country and party.

  4. Gautam Prasad;Doha,Qatar says:

    Well don Rajesh Ji.
    Exactly our politics is in behind of koirala family and making same like INDIA which will be most horrible and shameful for Nepalese.

    Keep it up and make the nepalese aware about it on time.

  5. Mr. Hoo Hoo, Washington, DC says:

    Yes, next party General Assembly election Sujata Koirala will run for NC party president and she will win and then it will require more Johnny Walker for the leaders of NC. When she becames the Party President than she will become PM of the country and all the NC leaders will go under her sari with Johnny Walker…

  6. Manoj chemjong, Doha-Qatar says:

    Very nice cartoons

  7. Xelofy, Kathmandu says:

    Sujata Koirala, a minister without portfolio, I wonder what this type of ministers do for the country except misusing the money that I pay as tax. We replaced Ranas for Shahas, now are we replacing Shahas for Koiralas?
    How dare she assumed a post of minister (that too without a portfolio… meaning no responsibilities?). What is her qualification other that a divorced, daughter of old PM? Who are the people they believe, trust or voted her? What has she done to become a minister of our country? Shameless creature.
    Congress and Girija ji think about it… don’t let us distrust you guys again…
    Girija ji, you have responsibilities towards 2.5 crores of Nepalese… forget about one daughter….

  8. Suraj Taiwan says:

    Its a stress condition for the peolpe , for the government to survive in such a stress condition we have to develop a defence mechanism. So some leader from the NC, advice to GP koirala to do this. But what they advice , what they did its very bad for nation. What Sujata gave the Nation before, what sacrifice with her, who believe on her,there are so many queries we can raise against her. There are so many leaders who had devoted to the Nation, whole life is sacrificed to the Nation, we have to findout those people and gave him such type of opportunity. This is not a family property.

  9. raunit/ NY says:

    once again, i miss your regular character

  10. Soupe says:

    Nepali Politics 101-
    Girija::Sujata = Gyanendra::Paras

  11. Raj says:

    “Baadar ko haath ma Naariyal”

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