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  1. hope says:

    Great sense of humour!! I’m lovin’ it !!!

  2. Tashi Tamang says:

    Wow Rajeshji, truly a great sense of humor and laughter. As these narrow minded power hungry leaders had been fooling themselves and others like on all April fool days, 1st April would be good day to start with again, like the Interim government, and than one can say it is April fools day, fooling goes on forever.

  3. Sumit, Vienna says:

    It is really great sense of humour!!!! I appreciate it.
    Great job, Rajeshji,

  4. Nage/Singapore says:

    Raheshji , this was really good ,,

  5. Himali Swarharu says:

    This is Hillarous!!
    Neta Ho…..Do not try to make us fool!!

  6. YankeeBros/Dhangadhi says:

    Rajesh G! This is a wonderful!

  7. shree bj/Copenhagen says:

    u r d best, but give some positive to the national politics we r really worried here regarding the country,s condition.

  8. omaha says:

    Rajesh jee, this is one awesome cartoon.
    you are the reason most people visit Kantipuronlilne and for some you are the window to the real politics.

  9. Manoj Lamichhane/Chiang mai says:

    Wonderful Creation !

  10. Suresh Dahal, Damak says:

    I always read your cartoon corner in KC’s cartoons. This one is very relevant because leaders are still not sure to fix date for CA polls.

  11. Ramesh Regmi, Illinois, USA says:

    Rajesh jee,

    Who don’t wanna see Kantipuronline/newspaper? Everyone first see your corner cartoon, then starts looking inside….

    Very nice one this time again….
    Keep it up

  12. Kalpana/USA says:

    Loved it!!! 🙂

  13. Raju Sitoula / Melbourne, Australia says:

    Great Cartoon!
    I like it.
    Nepalese politicians are really like that.

  14. Robin(USA) says:

    this is the great one..that i ever read. i appreciate to rajesh dai. good luck

  15. mahesh says:

    i like it good luck

  16. Pukar/Sydney says:

    gr8 job man….keep it Up!!

  17. new york says:

    Great work rajesh ji
    these politicians hsve been foooling us to achieve their own interests…so they think april 1st would be once again their day to fool us……….. but now forget it guys… nepalese r full of getting fooled & now we can’t digest it anymore
    ek jug ma ek din ek choti aucha
    lata sudha bolna thalchan
    andhi chalcha hosh ko

  18. hate says:

    this is the coolest thing i have ever read. well i guess it has a straight meaning.
    these freaking politicians think that they are making a smart move…. but their thoughts are similar to the pranks which we used to do to our friends in april 1st WHEN WE WERE KIDS.

  19. prajwol says:

    mmm hahaha

  20. Ravi Kandel / Verona says:

    राजेश दाई, एकदम राम्रो र सटिक ब्यङ्ग्यचित्र, हाम्रा नेताहरु जहिले पनि हामि जनता संग अप्रील फूल त मनाईरहेका छन् नी। उनिहरूलाई के को चैत १९ कुर्नु पर्थ्यो।

  21. raunit/ NY says:

    nice one

  22. nepali ,mn usa says:

    no thing to say about.
    it happen in Nepal .some times i think i will die with out giving vote. O no, hold on, i gave vote in my brother name i do remember that while i was 10. Rally it was funny the people in the vote booth ask me u are too small to give vote. But i told “ma pudko manchae ho dae.” As soon as i gave vote the ballet was stolen by local people and the vote was rescheduled. so my question is, will Nepalese people be able to give vote in this April or government is planning to give a big fool gift of April fool to us. lets see.

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