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  1. Karam Karo/ KTM says:

    Thanks Rajesh, that is the reality of corruption in Nepal. Mantri to santri, all are corrupted. Paisa dekhey pachi sabhai bhoolcha, yahi karan ley Maobadi janmey ko.

    If Nepalese could kill the corruption virus, than there can be a healthy and clean government! Until and unless the corrupted rules the Nepal, there will be no peace and harmony in Nepal, that is for sure.

    Jai Nepal!

  2. Sunil, Kathmandu says:

    The corrupted are all, from the ruling government side, from the opposition and from the self proclaimed YCL, the ordinary members of Young Criminal League made quick bugs by getting corruption from the smugglers. At present all are corrupted, from head to tow, no one is clean, no one is deshbhakt, they are all power hungry and petbhakt!

    Thank you Rajesh, for all your wonderful cartoons.

  3. bidur says:

    you r the best … u bring smile … and hate together .. ur cartoon is a best !!
    best wishes …

  4. kiran rimal dhading says:

    gajab chha ba , rajesh dai tapai ko kartun ko ma fan uhn ma jahan bhaya pani tapain ko kartun napadhi rahan sakdin ma hal mumbai ma chhu hamro kantipur padhna pauda yakdam khushi chhu sath ma tapaiko kartun wa wa wa

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