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  1. Karam Karo/ KTM says:

    Who cares either, neither the public follows the traffic rules nor the road department renovates the road sign. For sure in future KTM will get the name in genius world of records for worse traffic.

    Good job, thanks Rajesh.

  2. Robin(usa) says:

    rules are made for follow and respect. we know most of the crossings in our country have to maintain and people should follow as Z-Cross.

  3. Manoj lamichhane says:

    The cartoon says as it IS. Rajesh is doing a good job. Will any officer of the Sadak Bivag make any comment on this page ?

  4. surya says:

    u r damn gud mr k.c ………

  5. Bharat says:

    Very Cartoons Mr. K.C.
    I like this

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