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  1. ktm says:

    geat …fantastic…..nice….this is the character of politician …….i love it……

  2. Dorendra Adhikari/ Ohio/USA says:

    Its a bitter but truth of Nepalease politics.
    They always warn in public and agree in Kothebaithak.
    They made this country multipoluted. Irresponsible leaders
    made this country into different parts like terai, pahadi, hindu,
    muslim, kirant. They never let us unified in one ring of Nepali.
    Just for their short term benifit and revange motive. This generation of
    political leader has no vision and respect toward nation. We should not
    beleive what they say but we must value what they do.
    Thank you Mr. KC for bringing us these truth to public through the prestigious
    Newspaper “Kantipur”

  3. Ramesh Regmi says:

    Very interesting and true fact that Nepalese leaders have been doing in the past and these days…..
    Thanks Rajesh KC for delivering these types of cartoons to public even though it would have still no meaning to the Politicians……I sometimes hate to say these people politicians…….They are simply businessman and trying to fool people…..

    Keep it up Rajesh dai……

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