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  1. SaNJaYa/ Seoul says:

    …… Wow!!!!!!!! …..Our Naya Nepal……..

  2. Goettingen, Germany says:

    I just couldn’t stop my laugh when I first saw/read this cartoon. From one side its so funny and other side it represents true picture of our society, specially reflecting reality of our so called metropolitan city Kathmandu. Amazing Rajesh Ji, how your mind works, sometimes I am completely stunned by your work. Such a brilliant satire to KMC and associated agency. Well done and keep it up….!
    Ajaya Jang Kunwar
    Uni Goettingen

  3. KKumar Yonzan/ Kualalampur says:

    Kool Rajesh ji, good cartooon again. It smells good to all the netas!

  4. Bandana/Sydney says:

    Rajesh ji, Thanks a lot for the cartoon. Sanchai nai baani paryo jasto chha hami Nepali haru lai fohor ma basne…..otherwise why there isn’t any protest for such things? Everyone deserves to live in a clean place and we are no exception. Wake up people!!! Do the right thing. No one is gaining with all those useless rallies, protests and Bandhs….Please have a good reason for protest and act in favor of all Nepalese not just let the dirty policitians do whatever they want. Its time to fight for ourselves, not for them. ARE WE GONNA UNDERSTAND THAT EVER?????

  5. Rajendra Regmi / Austrila says:

    ya rajesh dai sachai kai nayanepal ko picture dekhawoonu vayoo aba ta hami lai pani bani vai sakyooo

  6. Manoj Lamichhane,kathmandu says:

    It’s just like we got a habit to look at your cartoon, People in Kathmandu have fall in the habit to stay with the smell of garbage. You’ve done a great creation Rajesh ! I could not stop laughing !!

  7. Rupak Dhakal/ Pondicherry says:

    sahi kuro…ek dam sahi kuro…

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