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  1. Sumit, Vienna says:


    Great job!

  2. Frank Lampat says:

    Great jo ………….keep going……………….

  3. Sonam Lama/ Toronto says:

    Great cartoon, Rajesh ji,

    All in uniform from top to bottom, as that of Pak’s Musharaf, Prachanda is dreaming the same, himself as the first President of Republic Nepal and rest all in red uniform with red star from top to bottom, and than after him his son will take over like that of Kim’s son in North Korea. Hello power hungry comrade! This is 21st century, I doubt your copy cat dream will not come true!

  4. Dila says:

    Rajesh Dada,
    Greatly great,
    I wish Gen Parvez hangs it beside his working table to show the world more vividly.Keep up with your great job…

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