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  1. Sonam Lama/ Toronto says:

    One year after signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, still pointing finger on one others nose to blame, this truly show the true color of narrow minded selfish politicians. First of all they lack true political knowledge, secondly lack of moral good understanding, thirdly lack of warmheartedness. All these political leaders participated in Nepalese politics are just to full fill their selfish gains! Shame on you all cold hearted ***!

  2. Chandramani/ says:

    The good spicies for the un’s drama for Neplease leaders.

  3. SaNJaYa/ Seoul says:

    Reality…….. now everything has became possibility……….. no one Knows what are the leaders doin…………. and where is the country going……. Rajesh dai.. i liked it…

  4. nepal says:

    rajesh dai i m relly happy 2 read ur cartoons. i m out of country i miss my familay somuch n i feel boar but when i read ur cartoons relly i m very laughfing 2much . tannk u dai . sabai lai khuse ra hasaunu help garako ma hame sabai jana nepali khaye chan hasane garchau .

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