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Saturday, September 6th, 2008

A short break, back soon

It’s been 15 years that I’ve been making cartoons and blogging since 5 years. More than 4000 cartoons have been published in various newspapers since 1993. Initially I used to get comments and feedbacks from those I met in person and sometime over phone and letters. Later I opened up a forum for viewers’ comments. Hundreds of comments overwhelmingly poured in within a few days. Before that, I did not have idea about a huge circle around the world seeing my cartoons everyday. Now I am enjoying reading comments, constructive feedbacks and discussions on my creations. Unique visitors’ fresh comments everyday. This is what I have achieved in my life actually. And now this achievement has kept me in a track. I am a cartoonist and I will remain a cartoonist.

This is an awesome journey! (more…)